As a symbolic commencement of the tripartite agreement of Liberty Commercial Center (LCC), San Vicente Pequeño Kabuhayan Farmers Association, and Camalig Bank, Inc., a ceremonial planting was conducted on December 10, 2020 at the farm in San Vicente, Pequeño, Daraga, Albay.

The agreement entails that Camalig Bank, Inc. finances the agricultural necessities of the farmers’ association. Meanwhile, LCC as the guarantor, shall be the main retailer of their produce in the market. The farmer’s association, in turn, serves as the main supplier of crops to LCC.

During the ceremonial planting, representatives from the three parties have planted squash seedlings as the initial crop on the farm owned by Ranulfo Cambi, president of the SVP Farmers Association. These seedlings are dedicated to be planted on a two-hectare parcel of farm. The choice of crops is market driven from the inputs of LCC based on demand. In effect, most, if not all crops will be sold out as studied by LCC from years of being in the supermarket business.

EARS UNCOVERED. Jose Misael B. Moraleda, President/CEO of Camalig Bank, delivers his message to the members of SVP Kabuhayan Farmers Association during the Ceremonial Planting.

POWER OF THREE. Representatives from Camalig Bank, SVP Farmers Association, and LCC pose for a group picture on the hectare-wide farm to be planted with crops.

FARMING TIME. Camalig Bank representatives participate in the ceremonial planting of squash seedlings at the nursery and farm at San Vicente, Pequeño, Daraga, Albay.