Four schools received donations from “TulongEskwela,” an outreach activity spearheaded by the Camalig Bank Foundation (CBF) on Monday, 21 December 2020, as support for the distance learning approach that these schools employ in the new normal.

CBF selected two public secondary schools and Alternative Learning System (ALS) centers to wit: Cagbacong High School, Homapon High School (Legazpi City), Camalig North Central School, and Camalig South Central School (Camalig, Albay).

Each school received one Canon ink jet printer and 20 reams of bond papers to augment their printing needs, most especially the modules for the students. The mentioned donations were “relevant” in the current educational set-up, as described by Ms. Belma N. Jimenez, school principal of Homapon High School.

Simple turnover of the donated equipment and materials at Cagbacong High School (CHS) with its Senior High School Department Head Ms. Jady Moratin and some of the faculty members.

Chance interview with the High School Ms. Belma N. Jimenez, school head of Homapon during the turnover of the donated printer and bond papers from Camalig Bank Foundation.

The turn-over at Camalig North Central School with Public School District Supervisor (PSDS) Salvacion Orais (from right) and ALS Mobile Teacher Rosemarie Nuñez.

The turnover at the PSDS’ office of Camalig South Central School with Public School District Supervisor (PSDS) Ma. Theresa Nasayao (from left) and ALS Coordinator Rhodymer Bryant Vibar.